Tuesday, May 5, 2009

EtsyPaper Team's 1st Featured Member

Our very 1st featured EtsyPaper Team member is Chrystal of CS Paper & Beads! Chrystal is one of our team admin (membership & other general tasks). She makes the most wonderful handmade paper (I speak from experience so, be sure to check out her shop). We have 3 questions that tell us a little about Chrystal and her shop and she has chosen 5 out of all of the questions that were submitted by our team members on the forum post. Here are her answers to our questions - happy reading!
Tell us a little about yourself :
I am married to a Marine and we have one daughter. We are currently living in Jacksonville NC but have also lived in Orange County, CA, Houston TX and Lubbock TX.

Tell us about your shop:

*When did you open it?

Opened shop in Sept of 2007

*What items/type of items do you sell?
I sell handmade papers, crayon papers, beaded necklaces and beaded crosses. I have also made beaded headbands, journals with my handmade paper and greeting cards. Some things I make need work to make them better and I am always thinking of new things to list using my papers.

Getting to know you - 5 Questions

1. Name the top (3-5) items (for crafting purposes) that you cannot live without.
UHU glue stick
deckle and mould
paper punches
paper shredder

2. What is it about paper that draws you to create with it?

I love that there are so many things you can do with it: paint, tear, punch, rubber stamp, glue, fold, etc.

3. Do you remember the first item you made, and if so, do you still have it (or a picture of it)?

I made my first batch of paper the night before my daughter was born. (almost 13 years ago) I still have the paper. It is very, very thick! The paper I make now is much thinner. No Photo.

4. Who is your biggest fan?

My husband is wonderful and always interested in what I make. He always encourages me and even bought me a paper shredder for my birthday. :) Best gift ever! LOL.

5. How much planning do you do before you create?

I like to make Christmas cards. Sometimes I will sit and sketch out card ideas and then will pick 2 or 3 designs to use that year.. I think that is the only thing I plan. Everything else is made pretty much on the fly.

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