Tuesday, January 12, 2010

EtsyPaper Team Featured Member - Joy Charde

Hello & Happy 2010 to all! We are getting back into the swing of things and have our first featured member of 2010 (drum roll please).....Joy Charde, the creative artist and owner of Art of Joy! I absolutely love Joy's beautiful artwork and am very pleased to feature her here on our team blog. Having purchased one of her gorgeous calendars, I can truly say her attention to detail is fantastic and the quality of her products is top notch. Be sure to visit Joy's shop to see more of her wonderful items:)

Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Joy Charde. Currently, I reside with my wonderful husband of 11 years and my almost one year old rolly-polly guy in the freezing cold Upstate New York. I work full time at a public library... so between work, baby and my etsy shop, I'm super busy!

Tell us about your shop:

* When did you open it?

I opened my paper shop on July 31, 2009

* What items/type of items do you sell?

I sell cards, stickers and other paper goodies!

Getting to know you - 5 Questions

1. When do you find/make time for your crafting?

Any time the baby is asleep (fortunately, my little one loves to nap).

2. Do you have a special space for your crafting, or does the kitchen table do double duty?

I don't have a space for crafting, so yes, the kitchen table is my "studio".

3. Is there someone in your life that may have inspired your creativity?

Aside from his claim that he's my biggest fan, my husband is a great source of my inspiration. He is always giving me ideas and encouraging me to try new things! Sometimes, he shops at the craft store with me, so I can find just the right tool to make my creative life easier. He also gave me the idea for my shop name. I frantically called him one day while he was at work, and demanded a shop name... He came up with "The Art Of Joy" - because my stuff is fun and "Joy" is my name. He's so awesome!

4. When did you join the etsyPaper Team and what has been your favorite thing about being a team member?

My favorite thing about our paper team is the support we are always giving each other. You guys rock!

5. What is your favorite item to make, the one that makes you smile just thinking about working on it?

I absolutely love making my stickers! They bring a huge smile to my face just thinking about them!

Find her here:

SHOP: The Art of Joy


Chrystal S said...

What a fantastic feature on Joy! Her art is just amazing. :)

gigi goods said...

Great feature on Joy!! I love reading about other's creative process. My husband loves to go to art stores with me too - we are so lucky to have supportive people in our lives. Great interview!!!!