Thursday, April 23, 2009

EtsyPaper Team Weekly Featured Sellers - We NEED your help!

*This is a current forum topic but I wanted to make sure everyone saw it. I also want to open this up to some of our team blog followers who aren't members. If you are not a team member or an aspiring member but would like to submit a few questions, feel free to send me a convo (Paper Peddler). We would love to include everyone!

O.K! So, we have made space for our weekly featured sellers and I am ready to get it going, starting next week (fingers crossed). Here's a quick rundown - each week team admin will choose two of our team members to be featured both on ning and our team blog. Their names and shop links will be added to our Ning main page "featured sellers" box and remain there for 1 month. I think it would be much more fun to include everyone in the process. The more interactive, the better. This is what I've come up with & also where I'll need help from all of our members. Here's my idea. Let's do a kind of Q&A session for our sellers. The way I would like to work it is to have a series of questions that I send out to our "chosen ones" and let them answer and send back to me. Now, to make it more fun and a little more interesting I want our members to come up with the questions. And the twist is that I will send about 10-15 questions out and the featured seller will choose which 5 they want to answer for our blog promo/interview. This way, we'll get answers to questions you guys have and it will be a surprise each week because the sellers are choosing the questions. We could end up with quite an interesting mix! So, to get this started I would love it if everyone would add some questions to the forum post for our sellers to answer. Put on your thinking caps and make it interesting!!! Any thing goes (well, remember we are a "clean" team/family friendly,lol). What kind of music do you listen to while crafting? What is your favorite item to make? etc,etc..... So come on over to Ning and post your questions. Let's get this show on the road! I hope everyone likes this idea:)

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