Friday, February 28, 2014


Member Spot Light, VasariahCreations

This month I wanted to change focus to a paper shop that some might see as unexpected.  You may even be amazing at the fact that these items are made of paper.

Let me introduce you to Ombretta from VasariahCreations

Etsy Paper: Tell us a little about yourself.
Ombretta: My name is Ombretta, I am 30 years old and I was born in Italy but I have been living in France for 2 years with my boyfriend and my dog. I am an illustrator specialized in school books. I like very much drawing and playing with paper.

Etsy Paper: When did you open your shop on Etsy?
Ombretta: I opened my Etsy shop in May 2013.

Etsy Paper: Tell us about your shop.
Ombretta: In my shop you can find many items realized with paper, handpainted cold porcelain, wood and sea stones; they all are totally handmade. There are mostly jewels, but I’m working for adding home decorations, like the 3D origami paper owl you can already find in the shop, and DIY-tutorials (like how to make round paper beads).
 Dangle Earrings

Etsy Paper: Do you remember the first item you made, and if so, do you still have it?
Ombretta: I do remember the first item I made.  It was a beautiful triangular stone found on the beach. I decided to drill and paint it for making a pendant. It was only a try and the result was so bad, but I really liked the idea and so I went on working on it. After 2 years I was willing to improve my art with paper jewelry.

Etsy Paper: Why did you decide to become on Etsy seller?
Ombretta: The great opportunity Etsy gives me is to share my art with people of all over the world. I can show my items, get comments, suggestions and critics and I can do this using a well-made platform.

Etsy Paper: What is your favorite technique/ your "specialty"?
Ombretta: My favourite technique is recycling paper to re-create beautiful beads and jewelry : I think it’s a good way to make special something that -generally- is considered as not special. Then, each jewel is different from the others.

Etsy Paper: Who is your biggest fan?
Ombretta: I think my biggest fan is my mum.  When I create something bad, very bad, my mum says « Oh, it’s beautiful! »

Etsy Paper: Are you a clean or messy crafter?
Ombretta: I think art is freedom, so I want to be free when I test new ideas. That’s why I cannot say that I’m a 100% clean crafter. Anyway I am very accurate in my works.

Etsy Paper: How do you package your items?
Ombretta: I make the packages one by one with recycled materials (i.e. cereal boxes…). Of course I try to make them as strong as possible for avoiding problems in shipping.

Etsy Paper: How did your shop get its name?
Ombretta: Vasariah is the name of the guardian angel for people born in August, the month I was born. I think it’s a lucky name and I am very attached to it.

I'd have to agree with Ombretta's mum, "Oh, it's beautiful!"  What an amazing, talented artist.  Please take a minute to browse her shop.  What a unique gift!

Until next time,
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Renee Reese said...

This is so UNIQUE! Can hardly believe it's paper. Thanks for sharing her art and her story!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...are you going to make tutorials? I especially want to know how you get the tops of the cones used to make your brooches. Thanks, Nancy