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Introducing Beth from PrettyByrdDesigns!

I chose Beth's shop because it reminds me of Fall.  Although she has a great variety of items, the Fall items have been catching my eye lately.  She is also having a sale through the end of November.  The coupon code Take20 gives you 20% off item totals more than $10.  

Autumn Card
Autumn Card

Etsy Paper:  Tell us about yourself.
Beth:  Hello! My name is Beth and the name of my shop is Pretty Byrd Designs. I make greeting cards, journals, gift tags and decorative boxes. I live with my husband, Terry, and our 12 year dog, Carmen, in Northern Ohio. I am a secretary by day but my paper crafting business is my true passion.

Etsy Paper:  When did you open your Etsy shop?

Beth:  I opened up my Etsy shop at the beginning of 2013. 

 Card Set
Card Set

Etsy Paper:  Tell us about your shop.
Beth:  I began making cards for my own use, to send to family and friends. But my love of creating took over and I found myself with more cards than I could possibly use. I began selling them to friends, at local shops and at craft shows. At the suggestion of several friends, I opened my Etsy shop, Pretty Byrd Designs. I began experimenting with other paper crafts and started selling mini journals, gift tags and decorative boxes.

Etsy Paper:  Do you remember the first item you made, and if so, do you still have it?

Beth:  One day I signed up for a card-making class at our local library and something clicked. I’ve always had a love of paper and playing around with colors and textures. I dabbled in painting and drawing and calligraphy for a bit. But after that class, I was hooked. I still have the first card I made that day. It’s just my reminder of where it all began.

Etsy Paper:  Is there a certain color or motif that you are repeatedly drawn to.

Beth:  Most of the items in my shop have some type of flower or botanical image. I’m also really drawn to vintage style whether it is paper, rubber stamps or embellishments. The shabby chic trend really appeals to me – I love working with lace, burlap and distressed pieces.

Etsy Paper:  How has being part of the Etsy community changed your craft?

Beth:  I don’t consider myself especially savvy when it comes to technology. It was a big step for me (a true leap of faith) to set up my Etsy shop. But, there are so many helpful people here (such as the Etsy Paper Team) and other Etsy resources. There’s always something new to learn, but I have definitely improved my skills since opening my shop. My craft is the same, but the way I market my craft is much different than it was when I started. Earlier this year I created a blog ( which I hope to improve upon also.

Etsy Paper:  Where do you go to first when you need new ideas?
Beth:  There are so many sources for creativity. I’m lucky to live in place where there are changing seasons – that always provides inspiration. Other resources include magazines, books, a scrap of paper or a piece of fabric. I enjoy seeing what other crafters are doing, too. Walking through the craft shops is always fun … but can be expensive!! Sometimes I just take a break for a day or so to clear my mind and ‘clean the slate’ so to speak. Doing so makes room for new ideas and then the creative spark just takes over!

I love Beth's way of creating a vintage look to the items she makes. Some of them have a nice mix of vintage and modern that make them very versatile.  

Don't forget to browse her shop, she's having a sale!  

Until next time,

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