Sunday, May 1, 2016

23 janvier

May is here! What a gorgeous time of year. Speaking of gorgeous, I found a gorgeous shop on the Etsy paper Team. 23janvier has absolutely stunning prints and a variety of ways to enjoy them. Now, let's meet the shop owner Marie-Charlotte. 

Etsy Paper: Tell us a little about yourself.
Marie-Charlotte: Hi, my name is Marie-Charlotte Kerzan ; I'm a French artist living in south west of France in a lovely city called Pau. I've been studying in French school of art learning painting, graphic design, photography and paper work.

Japanese handbound notebook printed with a blue pattern, Panoramic size, choose your paper, for drawing or writing
Japanese Notebook
Etsy Paper: When did you open your shop on Etsy?
Marie-Charlotte: I've opened my shop at the end of year 2013. It was not a big collection at the beginning but little by little I've developed my workshop and my activity has grown up.

Etsy Paper: Tell us about your shop.
Marie-Charlotte: In my shop 23janvier, I sell handmade stationery inspired by Japanese design. I create handmade notebooks, handprinted washi paper, cards and original illustration. I create and made every item I sell, using traditional technics as stamp printing, engraving and Japanese binding. My stationery is floral, coloured and delicate inspired by nature and Botany reminding painting aesthetic. It's important to use the best material, the less polluting using ecological paper, water-base paintings etc.

In my shop, you will find a little fabric collection, printed with 23janvier's patterns and using eco-friendly, water-based inks as well.

Paper Sheets
Etsy Paper: What inspires you?
Marie-Charlotte: Nature, flowers, Botany. I create my patterns with plants I pick up, using painting, photography and stamping. I'm passionate with asiatic paper work because it gives to paper and stationery a precious nature. Paper is a really delicate, sensitive material and I try to make objects who are not just useful but above all who give the envy of writing and contemplating.

Etsy Paper: How do you package your items?
Marie-Charlotte: My items are packaged using thin paper as washi or Chinese paper. Those paper give beautiful foldings and are a little transparent which reveals the patterns inside. I finish my package with natural string as white raffia.

Etsy Paper: What is your favorite item to create and why?
Marie-Charlotte: I think my favorite item to create is Japanese paper; I use natural white paper I print with stamps I've designed using colours I've made. Hand-printing is so interesting; each paper has its difference and it's up to me to accentuate it or not. Hand-printing brings a lot of freedom and inspiration in my creativity.

Etsy Paper: What is your favorite thing about Etsy?
Marie-Charlotte: I've discovered etsy just before I've opened my shop and I think it's a simple and really effective way to discover other talents. What I like the most about etsy is the melting pot, the real exchange you can have with people all around the world and I've discovered beautiful things thanks to this website.

Etsy Paper: Is there something that you've never tried with paper that you'd like to try?
Marie-Charlotte: I have lots of paper projects but my actual and biggest one is to make hand-dyed paper wrappings using Japanese shibori technic. Shibori is a traditional technic which consists on drawing patterns using foldings. I study and work on stains using plants and ground in a way to create a hundred percent natural decorative paper.

I hope you enjoyed learning all about 23janvier. Aren't the prints amazingly gorgeous?!

Until next time,
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