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This month I chose to interview a shop owner whose shop always catches my eye. It is bold, gorgeous, and so fun. I introduce you to RubiaCraft!

Etsy Paper: Tell us a little about yourself.
RubiaCraft: My name is Valeria Kondor. I am Hungarian. I was born in this beautiful little county in 1975, grew up here and earned my BFA in visual arts from Eszterhazy Karoly College of a historical town of Eger. I worked 10 years in the animation industry as a production manager and this job took me to India. I lived and worked there for 12 years. I met my Husband also in India and we have a wonderful 7 year old Son. After our Son was born, I decided to go back to art. Two years ago we moved to Hungary where I live and work now.
paper cut house box custom color 2.4x2.4x4 inch
Paper House
Etsy Paper: When did you open your shop on Etsy?
RubiaCraft: I opened my RubiaCraft Etsy shop in 2012. Originally I opened it for my Mom’s textile works, then after a year or so I took it over with my paper works. I have another shop for my art that I opened in 2011.

Etsy Paper: Tell us about your shop.
RubiaCraft: RubiaCraft is for my paper boxes, decor papers and paper decoration items. I design and make everything myself in my home studio. I would like to start printing wallpapers that is a long cherished dream, and also would like to make printed boxes.
paper cut greeting invitation card choose your color - B6 size 5.1x4inch set of 6
Greeting Card
Etsy Paper: What type of work space do you have? Did you have to clear away something in your home to find the space?RubiaCraft: I am a full time artist. After taking my Son to the school in the morning, I come home and sit to work. I have a studio space in the living room that includes my art-craft table, large format printer and cutting machine, also some flower pots and three turtles. When I do lino printing, I transform the area to a printing workshop, or when working on large canvas paintings, I rearrange it to have more space. One day I will need a separate studio but now it works for me.

Etsy Paper: How much "technology" do you use in your works?
RubiaCraft: I started paper cutting to add inlayed collage elements to my watercolor paintings. Then I went on cutting decorative designs. First I just used hobby cutter knife, then I needed more precision so bought X-acto knife. Cutting by hand has its own delicate appearance but cutting the whole day is painful to the fingers and arm, also quantity is limited. Today I use Silhouette Cameo cutting machine for most of my paper cut designs and boxes.
My boxes are all no-glue ones that you can assemble just by folding. I paint, make box layouts, design surface patterns. It includes a variety of activities so I have to prioritize always to make sure that first of all I finish the paid orders, then continue with ongoing new works. I have many box layouts and pattern designs in the making. It takes me days, sometimes weeks to finalize one so I am always surrounded by the ongoing project items. Even when other prioritized works put them on hold, they are in front of my eyes so the thought process is going on. 
As a new addition to my studio, I invested on a large format printer. I create surface designs from my paintings and print them on paper. Paper is a very versatile material for decoration and these printed papers make not only gift wrapping papers, but are great to make bags, beads, envelopes, flags and buntings, origami, storage containers, pinwheels, lamp shades just to name few. 

Wrapping Paper
Etsy Paper: What inspires you?
Rubia Craft: I like clean outlined silhouette forms of any kind – architectural forms, backlit elements of the natural world, shadows. Indian life thought me harmony and gave me great inspiration for new shapes and colors! I draw and sketch a lot, often in the evenings too in the kitchen while waiting for the rice to cook. I am a Capricorn, and becoming even more characteristic that way with time. I love simplicity combined with delicacy.

Etsy Paper
What is your favorite item to create and why? 
Rubia Craft: I like to work on custom orders that I mostly get for paper boxes. The customer outlines the idea and I make just what they need and like. It is such a joy when they write how much their loved ones appreciated the box or banner.
bird paper cut party banner spring 7.7x9.3 inch - 6 pennants
Bird Banner
Etsy Paper: Do you sell mostly online or at craft shows?RubiaCraft: My main market place is Etsy, I enjoy being part of the active and inspiring community of makers and artists!

Etsy Paper: What do you have on while you're creating, if anything, and is it tuned to something specific? RubiaCraft: I work usually in silence, but periodically I put on music that I listen again and again. Once I had a U2 album on for a whole month every day. I relax with my Son, cycling, yoga and dance!
I feel blessed every morning when sitting down to work for being able to create and make, getting connected to wonderful people around the world and learn.

Wow! Such a vibrant personality and shop to match. Great pieces for Summer, and really all year round.

Until next time,
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Valeria said...

Thank you Jenni for this great feature post!

Handmade in Israel said...

Valeria, your work is gorgeous! The little houses are adorable.