Wednesday, March 11, 2009

EtsyPaper on Blockhead Radio Live - A Review

As the majority of you are aware, our friends at Blockhead Radio Live featured our great team on their radio webcast on Saturday. The wonderful Katy (K is for Calligraphy) acted as the show co-host and representative for the team. All who participated had so much fun! Blockhead Radio has done a really nice job of creating a friendly & interactive program to help promote independent musicians and artisans/etsy sellers and teams. Not only can you listen to excellent live streaming music and talk programs, but listeners can go into the website chat room where they can add comments about the music and programs they hear. The show host(s) can then chat with listeners in real time. The whole concept is just too cool!

The etsypaper team was well represented in the chat room and we had even more members who were listeners only. Katy did a phenomenal job co-hosting. She talked a little bit about the history of the team, what we're "all about", our vision for the team moving forward and also what kind of shops and items our team members have to offer. She was also able to give out links for listeners to find out more about the team and our shops. All in all, I would say that the show was a great success!

Thanks so much to Blockhead Radio Live and Tulip's Treasure Box (show host) for your hard work & effort to help promote Indie Musicians & Artisans - we know it's a labor of love & we really appreciate it!!!

*If you missed the show, it will be re-broadcast today at 11:00am Eastern Time. Click on the "Blockhead" link above or the radio badge on the sidebar. Happy listening!

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Chrystal S said...

It was a fun broadcast! Katy did a great job!