Monday, March 2, 2009


We have had so many new "aspiring" members join us on ning in the last two months that we thought it would be fun to have an "aspiring members challenge". This should be a fun one!

The CHALLENGE is to create an ACEO or ATC using Spring as your theme and inspiration. The only guideline (other than following standard rules for creating ACEO's/ATC's) is that you have to include or incorporate flowers somewhere on the card. We are asking that you post a photo of your card on the ning site and also on our paperteam group on Flickr (if you use Flickr). Please be sure to tag your photo(s) with "AMC1". If we have enough participants, we will also have a thread in the teams section on etsy so everyone else can share the ACEO/ATC love. The deadline for the challenge is March 20th. In addition to having fun, we will also have a vote for our favorite submission and a great prize to the winner. The prize will be announced later (but admin knows what it is, lol). So let's get into a creating mode and have some fun - I hope everyone enjoys this challenge and maybe even learns something new!!!

Wondering what an ACEO/ATC is? Need a few examples? Read on for a little info and inspiration.......

ACEO stands for Art Cards Editions and Originals and they are small works of art that are a standard measurement of 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches (6.4 cm x 8.9 cm), roughly the size of a standard playing card. They are an affordable way to collect wonderful, original works of art by your favorite artists. They are also the same as ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) but ATC's are only traded and not sold. The back of an ACEO/ATC should also include a date, artist signature, and a title and edition # (if there are multiples of the same). These are so much fun to create! We can't wait to see what our "aspiring members" come up with - create away!!!

Follow these links for examples & inspiration from your fellow Etsypaper Team members:


ragqueen said...

Great challange! Good luck!

ragqueen said...

I mean challenge.

PickMePaperDesigns said...

I'm in! I've never done one, but this is going to be fun. Thanks!