Monday, March 16, 2009

SAVE MONEY - Use Your Inactive Listings on Etsy

WAIT! Don't delete those unwanted listings, use them!!! I have found a great way to save money on your etsy shop listings and thought I would share. I have a few pages worth of "Inactive Listings" in my etsy shop, things that I change my mind about selling or someone purchases them in a custom listing, or things that are close to expiration. I have started to use these inactive listings to my benefit. I figure why not? I have already paid for them. So, one of the main things I use them for are custom/reserved listings for customers. I usually use an inactive listing that is really close to expiration, say in a week or so. All you do is go into the listing you want to use and edit the information to fit your needs. Because this custom listing may be far along in your shop search results, I would suggest you convo your buyer with the listing link once you have set it up (so they can find it easily). I also find inactive listings are great for items that are a day or two away from expiration - things you want to give a little more time but without putting them at the front of your shop and without paying a new re-list fee. I even use them for some "leftover" or "destash" items that I prefer to just slide into the shop. Sometimes I just don't care about certain items rolling through the front page on etsy and I don't want to add another fee to my bill. Remember, you have already paid for your inactive listings so USE them to save a little money here and there!

It's easy!

  • Go into your "inactive listings"

  • Choose one with an expiration date that will give you the amount of time needed for the newer listing

  • Edit and add the new listing title, description, photos, price ,etc

  • Finalize and your done

  • Save money!


Avlor said...

I love this idea! Wish I would have thought of it this weekend. Tucking this away into memory.

Nona said...

how do you create an inactive listing -- such that the info is saved but not yet listed?